For Sale

FOR SALE:  Several documented 45/70 Trapdoor rifles issued to California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Alabama, 1st USV infantry, 3rd USV infantry, and others.  1903 NRA sporter, several Krag rifles and carbines, 1884 Experimental musket, and misc. items.

We will be able to send some photos to interested parties.

As we finish some of our magazine  photo requirements, we will be offering several 1903 Springfield World War 2 manufactured bolts, and various small parts.

We have received many requests for credit card payment capabilities.  It is very slow as the banks want the high volume dealers.  Check are the usual payment.

This year coming up will be more active with many new ideas and research.

SRS has serial numbers for Winder Winchesters, Spencer, Sharps, Civil war Colts, remingtons, and carbines.  Not all numbers but many historic numbers.  We will be working on weapons used at the Battle at Monocacy River in Maryland.

We will offer email subscriptions for our magazine to those that want it delivered electronicaly.

U.S.MARTIAL ARMS & Springfield Research Newsletter
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