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U.S. Martial Arms Collector Magazine and Springfield Research Newsletter has had a long history of printing factual data on American Weapons.  We plan on upgrading and maintaining this publication with new articles and more photographs. Direct printing of historical documents will continue.

Advertisers can email for rates and ad specifics.   The growing change in acquiring arms and the disposal of collections are changing.  Auction houses appear to be a significant means that is competing with gun shows.  We have recently published some of these issues and are receiving more ads from the bigger dealers.  Auctions have recently had sales of $9 millions for a single event.  This trend will continue and the historic data associated with some arms will be much sought after.

Serial number letter efforts for subscribers will continue and we are accepting orders for 2010.  Our reaction time is being streamlined and we are solving many issues with research at government facilities.  Letter types  will include sales information, basic history that is in our data base, and research efforts for specific weapons.  A limited number of research efforts will be made each year.  Letters that are a result of a research effort may take six months.  We often are at the mercy of the U.S. Government sources and try to work with all parts of the research cycle.  The prices for new letters and a research effort will be put on this site as they are devloped.

We find a great deal of interest in our letters for collectors that desire a formal document for their heirs, estate, and business.  Dealers are continualy seeking information on their items for sale.  The current costs of rare guns have sparked an interest that keeps us busy with inquiries and we are adjusting to this demand.

The technical aspects of maintaining our data base and publishing our magazine continues and will keep pace with postal and printing costs.

This web site will be expanded with additional data and any new efforts.


The publishing of the U.S. Martial Arms Collector magazine and Springfield Research Newsletter is a major effort.  It includes the SRS serial number data base and other SRS products that are available to subscribers only.  There are several new books in process that include the 1903 Springfield, the Trapdoor Springfield, and new serial number books.


These are long term efforts and any new releases will be made available on this site. 


We will start offering some U.S. weapons for sale in a new section.  They are part of collections of rifles used fror the US Martial Arms Research Magazine study and article data. 


Editor, U.S. Martial Arms Collector and Springfield Research Newsletter.


Background in publishing and writing numerous books on Radar, Missiles, Air to Air Combat Systems, Very High Speed Integrated Circuits, Night Vision, Economics of High Technology, Aircraft, Communicationa and other U.S. and international topics.  Contributing editor for SIGNAL magazine that is published and delivered around the world.  Candidate for the Sparky Baird award for best technical articles.  Chairman of international conferences in the areas of Iraq Reconstruction, International Aircraft, Missiles, Advanced Technology, Power Generation, U.S. Budget, and Fiber Optics.  Researcher with Franklin Mallory from the 1960’s including decisions to publish the magazine, the data base, and the SRS products.  


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