Springfield Research Service Newsletter was founded by Franklin Mallory, an ardent research specialist and author.  The newsletter was created and expanded into the U.S. Martial Arms Collector Magazine and Springfield Research Newsletter. His work has been has been taken over by a new generation of researchers.

Factual data and an extensive data base of over 110,000 serial numbers, and government documents was created.  It is used for magazine research and serial number letters, and is based on documents from the U.S. Archives and Military sources.

The magazine includes new serial numbers and current  research on U.S. weapons.  Included are photos and data, many test weapons, and historical information in articles on U.S. firearms and bayonets.

The magazine and the SRS data base are copyrighted with all rights reserved.   No data can be reproduced without written permission.

The magazine is published quarterly.  Subscriptions are $ 35 per year ($ 50 for foreign delivery).  Payment is accepted by credit card (below), check, or money order to US Martial Arms Collector  Box 126 Cabin John, MD 20818.

Annual Subscription, Delivered Quarterly

The magazine is our priority and subscribers can request a free confirmation that a serial number is in the SRS data base.  This service is free to subscribers who send a SINGLE SERIAL at a time to the US Martial Arms email address:   editor@usmartialarmscollector.com.   An answer will be made to the subscribers’ email address.  Please send one serial number for each email.

SRS services, letters, and products are available to subscribers only.

Letter types include:

(1) Basic letters with SRS information and military usage; or issue data, and sales information with any available record The cost runs $ 65.

US Martial Arms Basic Letter

(2) Research letters that require travel and US Archive work.  This letter requires one or more days effort (the last detailed effort took 32 hours).  Letters cost $ 175 to $ 250 with higher costs for long research. We are presently taking orders for letters.

Detailed Letter Costs (for subscribers only)

New serial numbers are found on many U.S. Arms and are added as time permits.

Please contact U.S. Martial Arms Box 126 Cabin John, MD 20818, for subscriptions and payments.

We offer advertisement to subscribers and companies.   This service ranges from small ads with a business or collectors card, and display ads for full and half page ads.  Our rates are very competitive and advertisements are used by dealers of weapons, auction houses, and collectors.

There has been a great deal of interest in historical and rare weapons.  The most sought after weapons are for those used by the 7th Calvary, the Rough Riders, high-ranking military officers, and famous military personnel and military units or battles.  Extensive research now requires more time and added costs.

Many auction houses and dealers use our letters for historical usage and descriptions.  Articles in the Martial Arms Magazine are often used as references and kept by collectors for study and evaluation.

We will offer various Military Weapons for sale as they become available.  We may offer other items when available.

2012 has generated many letters on fine weapons and there is a constant demand by auction houses and dealers  seeking data on guns used by American Indians, the Military Academies, and historic items.

Research on new letters for 2012 and 2013 is underway.  Basic letters have a short lead time but detailed research takes a long time.

We will continue to answer any questions that we can from our Magazine subscribers.  The numbers of new subscribers is growing and the number of people visiting this site is growing.

Our efforts to upgrade the magazine has been successful and we are now starting a new effort to offer more serial number letters and expand the SRS data base. We will also evaluate printing, advertisement, and personnel issues.  Rising costs for postage, new personnel, and printing are escalating rapidly and we will address all of these issues.

Good collection hunting to everyone.

US Martial Arms Collector 

Box 126

Cabin John, MD 20818

Annual Subscription, Delivered Quarterly