What We Do

 U.S. Martial Arms publishes a magazine, does extensive research, and sells other books and documents.  Products are all oriented to American Military arms including weapons from the French Indian War through modern day operations.  Copies of documents and handbooks are sold and are direct reproductions of original copies.

Copies of most of past newsletters and magazines are offered for sale.  These documents are offered in response to requests for information published in unique articles and illustrated by photographs and actual examples of weapons.

We offer advertisements from business cards to full page ads for dealers, auction houses, collectors, and museums.  U.S. and foreign interests are represented.

A great deal of interest is in the history and usage of U.S. weapons.  Many U.S. weapons can be traced back to original owners and users of past military operations. 

Martial Arms Collector 

Issue # 117 7th Cav Curley’s Carbine; Henry # 3056, 3208; Krag Experiment.

Issue # 118  Garand MC52 USMC; 1922 Springfield; 1896 Krag Cadet.

Issue # 119 Remington OSS Pistols; 1905 Krag; USMC 1903 Sporters; USAF Aircrewman Revolvers.

Issue # 120 Garand Plastic Stocks; 1808 Henry Pistol; Dahlgren Bayonet; 1918 Sniper; Garand Variations.

Issue $ 121 Colt 1895; Garand Weaver 4X Scope.

Issue 122 1903A3  Contracts; Sharps 1863; 1840 Pomeroy. 

Issue # 116 has:

Henry Rifles;  1903 triva: Ordnance Notes; Krag Special Sight; Krag Gallery Rifle; Bowman’s Allin Rifle

Issue # 115 and has: 1808 Sutton Musket, Navy test carbines, Springfield test carbine, 1894 Krag bayonet, 1903 T model, 45/70 Carbine with knife bayonet, and USMC serial numbers.   #114 has: non ferris buttplates, 1903A3 unique rifle, US Spadroon, WW1 Krags, unfinished 45/70 Carbine barrel.

Issue number 112 has the following: 1903 semi automatic Springfield; M1873 Springfields; US Aicrewman pistols; Modified 1896 Cadet stock; 1816 Osborne musket; Engraved Spanish American War Officers Sword.

Issue number 113 has USMC sniper data, Krag number 33, US Spontoon, Colt DA number six, 1882 Chaffee Reese, 1922 22 Hornet, US Spruce Troops, and 1883 Experimental Magazine Rifle.

Issue 114 has non ferrous buttplates for the M1903, 1903 rifle with A3 configuration, Spadroon, WW1 Krags, Trapdoor Carbine barrel markings.

Issue 115 has 1808 Waters and Whitmore musket, 50 caliber test carbine, Krag 1892 bayonet, M1903 T model, and Bayonet mounted trapdoor carbine.

Issue 116 has Henry rifle, 1903 trivia, Special Krag sight, Krag gallery rifle, and Bowmans trapdoor.

Issue 117 has 7th Cavalry Scout carbine, Henry rifle, Krag experimental extractor,1799 to 1934 proof marks, and Officers model 45/70.

Issue 118 has MC52 Garand sniper, 1922 Springfield, and 1896 Krag Cadet.

Issue 119 has Remington OSS Remington, 1905 Krag, USMC Sporters, and USAF Aircrew revolvers.

Issue 120 has Garand plactis stocks, 1808 J Henry pistol, Dahlgren bayonet, 1918 snipers, and Garands.

Issue 121 has 1895 Colt Navy, Garand 1 inch M1D sniper, Family trapdoor, Colt DA serial numbers, and 1922 serial numbers.

Issue 122 has 1903A3 contract, Civil War Sharps, and 1840 Pomeroy.

Issue 123 has 1812 Maryland muskets, Colt SAA, and M1922 heavy barrel.

Issue 124 has Pvt Soars Henry, Barringer sights, USMC carbine, and USMC sporters.

Issue 125 has Colt 1911, 7th Cab gun, and American Indian carbine.

Issue 126 has Harrison Krag, 1915 Colt Navy, 1903A4, Remington 1871 Army, and Stokes Kirk Reloading.

Issue 127 has M1922 Springfield, 1941 USMC sniper, and Clark Campbell.

Issue 128 September 2011 has 1892 Colt Army, 1941 USMC sniper,  and California Trapdoor.

Issue 129 will be December 2011 and 2012 will start with issue 130 in April.

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