U.S. Martial Arms Collector Magazine and Springfield Research Service Newletter.  $ 35 per year (four issues, foreign $ 45).  Payment can be made by credit card (below),check, or money order.

Back issues.  Most newsletters  and magazines, $ 10 each, postpaid.  Sample articles include 1922 rifles, 1897 Krag, USMC sniper,  1903 Springfield Semi Auto Conversion, and many others.  SRS Box 126 Cabin John, MD 20818.

Reprints of government documents are under review.  USMC snipers, U.S. Indian Wars, Custer information, manuals on rifles, pistols and telescopes, and others will be added.  

Krag Rifle Story. A most comprehensive hardbound book (second edition 343 pages with Krag serial numbers).  New old stock.  Limited copies are available and cost $ 197.

USMC Sniper correspondence  $ 25.50.   Winchester Single Shot Rifle (Winder)  $ 6.50.  1918 Pedersen Device  $ 15.   Ordnance Notes 1879 Arms Captured from Hostile Indians       $ 12.  1903 Ramrod Bayonet Manual  $ 14.   1922, M2 Manual  $ 8.50. 

The editor will provide a limited number of serial number look ups for subscribers.  This would confirm that data exists for a specific number.  Serial number letters can be ordered for 2010.  We are starting research for 2010 orders. 

We will be offering some U.S. rifles for sale in 2010.  They will be noted as they become available.  We are also lookings at parts that were used for photographs and past research.  They will also be offered for sale.  Please email any interests. 


Subscribers to the U.S. Martial Arms Collector Magazine and Springfield Research Newsletter may order books and letters as they become available.  Discounts are available for all U.S. Military personnel on active duty.


A limited space is provided for subscribers to place ads in the Trading Post section without charge.


We receive many comments and questions concerning U.S. military weapons.  We strive to answer all inquiries in our magazine and newsletter and also offer a limited number of basic serial number look ups for our subscribers.


We also work with European collectors and researchers and find that there is a growing interest in U.S. Militray Arms outside of the United States.


We have major knowledge support from long time readers that include some of the most knowledgeable collectors and specialists in the U.S. arms collector fraternity.


We do not provide any price or value information on any weapon.


The increase in time and effort to do research at government facilities restrict many efforts.


The SRS founder, mentioned many times, that most serial numbers could be found and he spent many years in this effort. There are many unpublished numbers that were found many years ago.  These will be added and also used for selected articles in the magazine.   Additional efforts by ourselves and others continue,  but it would take many years to assemble the data. 


A selected index of prior articles will be generated for our readers.  This includes newsletters from #1 through current magazines.  Please email for data on the index for issues 1 through 40.


We have found more sources of very accurate data on trapdoors, Krags, 1903’s, and other weapons.  This includes units using specific weapons and historical information.  Our only limit in providing this information is time and travel efforts.


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